Failure to comply with any of the terms below could result in the termination of your account, forfeiture of all accrued funds and a ban from our program. ALL SALES ARE CHECKED AS TO WHERE THE REFERRING SALE CAME FROM FOR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE TERMS!

-You may not register a domain name that includes a trademark name or imitates a trademark name. Example: deepstars3d.org or deepstars.net or deep-stars-3d.com or 3ddeepstars.com or deepstar3d.com to compete with deepstars3d.com. This also applies to sub-domains. Example: deepstars3d.mypornsite.com If you have a good reason that a sub-domain would be in our best interest please contact us and we may make an exception. Example: a porn review site

-You may not use our content to promote other websites and you may not use other sites content to promote any of the Deep Dollars sites.

-You may NOT use any content from any paid portions of any Deep Dollars sites for promotional purposes or any other purpose.

-You may not imitate the tour or join pages of any of the Deep Dollars sites. Any site we deem misleading to the surfer by imitating the real site will result in account termination.

-Deceptive means- Anything that is deceptive to the surfer as to what is the real priority of the add. Example: A site that claims to offer "Free Passwords" Anything we deem as deceptive will get your account terminated.

-Sites which use stolen/pirated images can not be a Deep Dollars affiliate site. Any content taken from our affiliate content page for promotional use may NOT be altered in any way other than to make thumbnails or modified images to fit your format. A thumbnail is defined as an image less than 400 pixels on the long side. An image that is 400 pixels or more on the long side will be considered a modified image and MUST have our provided watermark on it. Any thumbnail or modified image MUST link directly to the corresponding full size unaltered picture or gallery. You may NOT remove or alter the copyright information from our full size pictures. You may NOT crop, alter size or further compress the full size pictures.

-You may NOT send us traffic from any URLs which contain and/or promote the following content: prostitution, child pornography, warez, password selling or trading, hacking, spam e-mails and newsgroup spamming. Any traffic sent from ANY site which has ANY promotions for child pornography will be reported to the authorities.

-Deep Dollars reserves the right to revise or cancel this program at any time without prior notification. In such cases you will be notified immediately and paid for ALL commissions due, except in cases where it is determined that you have violated this agreement.

-In order to participate in this affiliate program, you must be over the age of 18 or of the legal age to view adult content in your community.

-Misleading text in connection with the banner, forced exit traffic, forced click-throughs, and blind links, are all prohibited. All surfers sent to our site must arrive in a full size window with toolbars, location, scroll bars, etc. Must be a regular window unaltered.

-Deep Dollars will provide you with a selection of banners for use in this Webmaster Program. You may post as many of these banners on your site(s) as you wish. You may not alter any Deep Dollars banners in any way.

-Deep Dollars will not be held responsible for any loss to you that is caused by computer server downtime resulting from complications with your or our hosting equipment or technical errors.